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Look Dick Look

Look Dick Look


The simple explanation: 96 pictures of cock.

Or: An essay with 96 black and white images. Inspired by Jurgen Klauke's series of masked images, "Antlize", Look Dick Look depicts anonymous close-up images of cock as both celebration and exploration of "that palpable material thing that is our core". The images and the essay are a praise song to promiscuity, while also acknowledging our fear of the cock as a carrier of viruses. By looking closely at this series of penises, we endow each one with individuality, engage in comparative analysis, and question our preferences. Distinctions of size and ethnicity, for example, seem to vanish when viewed from close up.

Look Dick Look is a playful, pornographic, and political examination of the things we do with cock and the places where we do them. From the sublime to the criminal, and the emotions that cock arouses: lust, terror, astonishment, wonder. Includes 96 B&W full-page close-ups of cock.

Dimensions: 8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm), 120 pages.

A glimpse of the images is available in the brief 30-second clip below.