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12 English Perverts: Limited Edition

12 English Perverts: Limited Edition


A handmade book constructed out of an old Atlas of Britain. With twelve examples of the English language's most lewd poetic form: the limerick.

The limerick is grounded in place. There was a young man from Kildare. The original limerick was obscene, bawdy, grounded in taboo. Much like internet porn. The limerick is quintessentially English: using humour to mask deep fears and desires.

Continuing his exploration of light-hearted poetic forms to write about sex and sexuality, which he began in The Bathhouse Hornbook, Michael Wynne writes about the thin line between fantasy and taboo we can stumble upon when browsing seemingly-harmless sites such as Tumblr or while having phone sex with strangers.

Humour is one way of dealing with the uncomfortable outer reaches of our imagination. This book, made out of the physical representation of a geography (maps), plays with the poetic and deviant creations rooted in a specific place, England.

Limited edition of 5 +1. 2 available

36 pages. Hand-stitched and hand-bound.

Book dimensions: 8cm x 11.5cm (3.1 x 4.5 inches).