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Hi, and thanks for dropping by. I make books, take pictures, draw, write and sketch. My artistic journey started out as a sex blog, which became a book, then some illustrations, then a photobook with found images, then some stories in a book, and now I've returned to my early love of photography, combining text and image in photobooks and other creations.

You can see some clips of the books on Vimeo if you click here.

NOTE: There's some stuff here that's not quite safe for work or people under 16.

You can check out my blog with some of my writing if you click here, and read stories I wrote in Headmaster Magazine, The Holy Male and Crooked Fagazine, amongst others. 

There's an interview on Vada Magazine's site and some nice words on Kaltblut Magazine.

You can read a Gay Times review here.

And a review in Polari Magazine here.