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We Were There

We Were There


The first gay sauna I went to was Chariots in Shoreditch, also known as Chariots Liverpool Street. That was in London in 2003. By the time the place closed in 2016, I’d been a few hundred times. I was in my element when I was there, and that joy made its way into the rest of my life.

This mini photobook is a tribute to one particular gay sauna, and to all the safe queer spaces in our major cities that are being swallowed up by greed.

The images in We Were There were taken during the last days of Chariots with an old Samsung phone tucked into my towel. The text was found on various cruising forums. 

32 pages, printed on 110gsm Bond paper, Covers: 250gsm Silk paper. Hand-stitched. Publication date: 2018.

Book dimensions: 6cm x 6cm (2.4 x 2.4 inches).