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My Life in Masturbation

My Life in Masturbation


by Michael Wynne

2nd Edition

Inspired by a pack of naked playing cards from the 1970s, My Life in Masturbation is part meditation, part confession, and part smut. The book explores the author's relationship to masturbation, from silent fumblings with a cousin under the duvet, to grinding against a mattress, and through to doing it in front of a mirror at a time of grief. How do we learn to wank? Who was our first jerk-off partner? A brother, a cousin, a friend from school?

This personal essay explores different ways of masturbating, and how our relationship to jerking-off changes with time, and some anecdotes from friends: the long-lasting (and reliable) fantasy of being seduced by a Moscow taxi driver; the fantasy of playing dead while being fucked; or the obsession with a particular part of the body (the pubic bush, for example).

Ranging in scope from Onan in the Bible to phone sex with strangers, this work is also a comment on how our fantasies and masturbation habits evolve with technology and the ways we live our lives. A personal essay with 20 full colour images from the pack of naked playing cards.

Perfect-bound. 40 pages, full colour.

Dimensions: 15.6cm x 23.39cm (6.1″ x 9.2″)