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Men Look at Me Strangely

Men Look at Me Strangely


Men Look at Me Strangely brings together images of some of the men I photographed between October 2016 and March 2017. Going through the photographs after each shoot, I noticed that with each model, there were moments when they looked at me strangely. Often those were moments when I wanted them to pay more attention to the camera, and I'd say: "Look at me." 

There have been moments in my life when men have looked at me strangely, whether out of desire or because I'd done something out of character. In this photobook, I remember some of those looks, some of those shocking or dishonourable moments, and recreate them in words alongside the more recent images.

"This is a photograph of a stranger in the park. It is midsummer and he is lying on the grass. His back is long and pale and his legs are long and there is so much flesh to see that he might as well be naked. There are daisies and a few poppies in the grass. The clouds are fluffy and white and there is a lark in the sky. The man is resting on his elbow with his back to the camera. He is looking up at the lark. The moment is so full of bright blue and green, and the wonder of the red (poppies) and the white (daisies) is so perfect, and he is so beautiful, that I am glad for this photograph. Every time I look at it that moment is now, his back in the sun is now, and I am then and now, both, and that moment will be forever." [extract from Men Look at Me Strangely.]

34 pages, printed on 170gsm silk paper. Cover 300gsm silk paper.

Book dimensions: A5, 14.8cm x 21cm (5.8 x 8.3 inches).