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We're the Kind Who: A Trilogy

We're the Kind Who: A Trilogy


Three little books about big issues.

Anxiety, exhilaration, flat-sharing, dealing with landlords, neighbours, and other trying aspects of city life as an immigrant. Along with having to define who you are, what to call yourself, and how to engage with the world when you're stuck at home, whether out of choice or necessity. 

Illustrations and text by Michael Wynne.

The trilogy includes:

  • States of Aargh and Om
  • Looking for Room
  • We're the Kind Who

States of Aargh and Om includes a series of illustrations of creatures in different states of turmoil and tranquility. With ample space to process your emotions, be they jeremiadic, bewildered, needy, or elated. 16 pages.

Looking for Room is a series of vignettes in the voices of six potential tenants, along with the voice of the landlord, his mother, and their final decision about who gets the room. 24 pages.

We're the Kind Who includes illustrations and nine poems about the creatures who live in a block of flats in the city. 24 pages 

Publication date: 2019.