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You the Boxer

You the Boxer


Jab, hook, upper cut. Learning to fight. The distraction and the incentive of a beautiful boxing coach. Fantasies of great victories, the challenge to stay focused, moves learnt to gain confidence in the world.

A short piece remembering my first boxing lessons, alongside 15 full-colour photographs. The images capture the physical closeness of the boxing match, the eroticism of contact sports; the size of the photobook is intimate enough to hold in the palm of the hand. 

"On a good day, twenty minutes is all I can manage. Sometimes twenty seconds is a triumph. I worry that I’m no good... What made me think I’d ever be able to box? And yet. And yet. Every now and then I get into a groove and everything disappears except the writing, I mean the boxing. Nothing else matters. One moment you’re at point a, then you’re at point b and it feels like a miracle; you have no memory of how you got there!" ( extract from You the Boxer)

You the Boxer is the second photobook in the One-a-Month challenge I've set myself, starting 1st October 2016. The first of every month, until the 1st of September 2017, I will launch a new photobook. The project marks the return to my love of photography. 

Edition of 100

Hand-stitched, 15 colour images in concertina fold attached to 14 pages of text.

Printed on 130gsm silk paper.

105mm x 75mm (opens to approx 495mm), 4" x 3" (opens to approx 19.5")

You the Boxer, Photobook by Michael Wynne from Michael Wynne on Vimeo.