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Thank You, Mr Art Teacher

Thank You, Mr Art Teacher


Just because you're not invited into the art class doesn't mean you can't make art. Being an artist means giving yourself permission to be one. Sometimes it takes 40 years to realise that.

Starting from a box of crayons and a large sheet of paper on the wall, Michael Wynne sketches out the genesis of his awakening to art while drawing the objects of his bookbinding practice. To move from being a writer to being an artist is the move from working in black on white on small sheets of paper, to working in colour on an extensive scale.

You see, I'm from a people for whom words come first. People say words and things come into being. Light, dark, day, night, animals, birds, die slang, Adam and his apple, the wild Eve, all not nec. in that order, but there were words before anything. First chaos and darkness, then words, then colours - bam! So you could say I've been building up to this. (extract from Thank You, Mr. Art Teacher)

A booklet.

32 pages, printed on 120gsm paper. Hand-stitched.

Book dimensions: 21cm x 14.8cm (8.2 x 5.8 inches).

Thank You, Mr. Art Teacher by Michael Wynne from Michael Wynne on Vimeo.