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Moments of exhilaration and freedom, of shame and self-loathing. That strange cocktail of good looks and body dysmorphia, stretching what is appropriate to its limits, being both culprit and casualty. 

I was fifteen when a man on a nudist beach asked me to be in a porn movie he was shooting at his home. I was so excited I said no. This memory led to a string of memories of other instances in which I'd exposed myself, and thoughts about how, in many ways, art is a form of self-exposure, especially if we want to express the truth of our desires, our actions, and the workings of our imagination. 

Images were taken during a virtual photoshoot via Zoom on February 15, 2021 at 6pm in Madrid and 9am in Los Angeles.

Publication: April 2023

Text and images: Michael Wynne

Model: Damian Dragon

Staple bound, 24 pages.

Printed on recycled paper, 120gsm, cover is 300gsm recycled paper.

Book dimensions: 14.8cm x 21 cm (approx 5.8" x 8.2"). 


Exposed, a photobook by Michael Wynne from Michael Wynne on Vimeo.