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Come, Let's Go See the Fireworks

Come, Let's Go See the Fireworks


Sometimes the simplest questions trigger layers of anxiety and memories. Come, Let's Go See the Fireworks is the first in a series of photobooks that will try to make sense of some of these loaded issues in my life.

During the recent fireworks displays visible from my window this New Year's Eve, I finally sat down to create something out of why I don't like fireworks. Memories of living in a war zone, memories of being caught for stealing fireworks as a kid, and other reasons for the dread that fireworks evoke. The photobook ends with a wish for the antidote to anxiety: closeness. The opposite of gunshots. A desire for protection.

Staple bound, cover + 12 colour pages.

Printed on 170gsm gloss paper, cover is 300gsm.

Book dimensions: 21cm x 29.7cm (approx 8.3" x 11.7"). 

Come, Let's Go See the Fireworks from Michael Wynne on Vimeo.